The Benefits of Mobile Sludge Dewatering

Sludge dewatering refers to a process by which solids are separated from the wastewater generated in homes. This article discusses why you should embrace mobile sludge dewatering for your septic tank.

It Saves Landfill Space

Mobile sludge dewatering involves the use of dewatering equipment that is mounted on trucks. The liquid segment of the sludge is discharged into the municipal water disposal system while the solids can be dumped in a landfill. The size of the landfill needed for those solids is considerably smaller than the space that would have been needed to contain the sludge. The use of this method also frees the space that you would have used as a leach field in your home.

Organic Matter is Recycled

The soil becomes less fertile each time produce is harvested and eaten. This is because the crops extract nutrients and convert them into the fruits or the other edible parts that are needed for human and animal consumption. The solids extracted from the sludge return essential minerals and organic matter into the soil. This restores the fertility of that soil so that more crops can be grown. You will be helping the cause of soil conservation if you embrace mobile sludge dewatering.

It Is Cost Effective

Mobile sludge dewatering is a more affordable way to drain wastewater from your home. This is because the method is highly mechanised. Minimal labor is needed to perform the task. Consequently, it will be cheaper for you to have your sewage system drained using this method.

There Are Fewer Risks

Some methods of wastewater removal pose health risks to the people involved. Those risks can also affect your family members. For instance, traditional wastewater removal methods cause spills onto the property. Those spills can spread disease-causing microbes when family members step into that spilt wastewater before getting into the house. Mobile sludge dewatering reduces the magnitude of risk posed by wastewater disposal. This is because the dewatering units are very compact and there is hardly any contact between the operator of the equipment and the sludge. Everything takes place inside the container having the dewatering equipment.

Each municipality has its own regulations governing the acceptable methods of wastewater processing. Find out if mobile sludge dewatering is permitted in your area. If it is, contact firms that provide drainage solutions, like Precision Drainage, and discuss how you can start taking advantage of what they have to offer. Your property will be exposed to fewer dangers than it would have been exposed to if you had continued partially processing the wastewater on your property.