Reasons to Enlist Grease Trap Cleaning Services for Your Restaurant

If you are in the restaurant business, then a grease trap is an essential device for your kitchen. Although all kitchens discharge amount of grease on a regular basis, this amount tends to be significantly higher in restaurants. That is why it is prudent to have a grease trap in place to intercept any fats, oils and grease that would make their way into both drainage as well as sewer systems. However, having a grease trap does not mean that all your kitchen grease problems have been solved. You also need to enlist regular grease trap cleaning services to ensure that the grease trap is working in optimal condition. Here are some of the reasons why grease trap cleaning services are important for your restaurant.

Grease trap cleaning services prevent clogs in the drainage system

Essentially, the grease trap functions to catch grease before it can make its way to the drainage system. Due to the heavy consistency of fats and oils, they are unable to successfully drain through drainage without coagulating at some point down the drain. However, if you do not have your grease trap cleaned regularly, then the fats and oils pose the risk of overflowing and the contents finding their way into the drainage. A few problems can be caused due to this.

For one, as the fats and oils keep flowing into the drain, the drainage system will eventually clog up. This in turn will make it difficult to keep the kitchen clean, as dirty water will not have a clear passageway out of the kitchen. Another problem that could arise due to overflowing grease traps is the fats and oils making their way into the sewer system. This will result in the clogging of septic tanks, which in turn will be a health hazard to anyone in the surrounding area. Not only will the sewer systems start emitting foul odours, but human waste can also make its way up to the surface if it is not flowing correctly.

Regular grease trap cleaning prevents kitchen hazards

Another reason why it is important to enlist regular grease trap cleaning services is to ensure that your kitchen is not a fire hazard. As the grease accumulates in the plumbing, it has the potential of causing a grease fire. These types of fires tend to burn extremely hot and can be especially difficult to extinguish. It should also be noted that trying to extinguish a grease fire with water would only work toward spreading it. Considering that the kitchen environment is mainly wet, this poses the risk of a fire occurring that would be too large to contain. This is why it would be prudent to ensure your grease trap is not overflowing with fats and oils.