Down the Toilet: Your Septic Tank Options

A septic tank system can be a great choice if you live in an area where it is not possible to connect to an urban water supply, such as a trailer park. They are also a good solution if you wish to cut down on your water use, as the majority of septic waste systems do not use water to flush a toilet in the traditional way. Before you choose which septic system to install in your home, you should examine the different choices you have.

Reasons to Enlist Grease Trap Cleaning Services for Your Restaurant

If you are in the restaurant business, then a grease trap is an essential device for your kitchen. Although all kitchens discharge amount of grease on a regular basis, this amount tends to be significantly higher in restaurants. That is why it is prudent to have a grease trap in place to intercept any fats, oils and grease that would make their way into both drainage as well as sewer systems.